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Pen & Bookmark Gift Set Coupon

If you don't already have the Pen/Bookmark set, you'll want to get it now. This set complements the Grandmother's Legacy Journal perfectly. Includes a beautiful floral pen and matching magnetic bookmark. It's nice to have a beautiful pen and bookmark to have for writing.

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Alternate Binding Options (for Soft Cover Edition) - Video

We have a free video showing different ways to bind and add to the journal. I think we can agree that that a journal is easier to write in if it lays flat. So, I have some solutions for you.

Additional Journal Pages + Digital Option

I am going to send you some extra pages for the journal. I have 2 different types of journal pages for you - Fillable (type on your computer) and Blank Pages For Print (to print from your computer). Don't worry! I'll explain exactly how to use these when I send them to you.