"Hidden" Christ 

Acrylic Name Sign

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Finding Christ

A Year-Round Family Tradition

It looks "hidden" among everyday objects, but look how beautiful it looks when the light hits it!

You can "hide" it in and around holiday décor. You can even move it around from time to time.

You can "hide" is nicely anywhere in your home.

This is to show how big the sign is in comparison to an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper.

Want to know what you can do with your acrylic name sign?

The story of the "Hidden" Christ is illustrated beautifully as you and others seek for Christ in the everyday objects around your home.

 We "hide" the name sign in plain sight or sometimes tucked away in a more covered space. You can create a new Christmas tradition this year as you move it around your home for others to discover.

We use the name sign as a fun game when the grandchildren come to visit as we challenge them to find Christ in our home.

For anyone who wants to create a more Christ-centered Christmas in their home this year, this is the tradition that will continue to bless your home now and throughout the new year as well.

It's truly a year-round Family Tradition!

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