Is it Time to Record Your Life's Stories?


Give the Gift of Legacy to Someone You Love! 

Make it Easy to Leave

Your Legacy!

The greatest gift a grandparent can leave their children and grandchildren is a record of their life story and to leave a legacy of who they are. 

Recording memories with names, dates and places is important to everyone's history. However, those things only tell part of the story of who you have actually become - the person everyone has come to know and love.

These unique journals have several topics with prompts to help record stories and leave a legacy of life for you and your family. There is also room in the back for choosing your own topics to write about.

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Both Grandparent Legacy Journals Available Individually or in a Set

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Grandmother's Legacy Journal

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Grandfather's Legacy Journal

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Full Color, Spiral-bound Grandmother's Legacy Journal


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What's So Different About This Journal?

Unique Format

When asked, most grandparents told us that their biggest stumbling block to writing their life history is that they couldn't remember the details of their lives sequentially. They said they would become frustrated when they couldn't remember or had nothing to say about a particular time period in their life and would abandon the project. 

This journal has a unique format in that it doesn't have you record your life's story in chronological steps. Instead, it has a series of topics to help trigger memories that have built your character and developed the person you have become.

This allows you to write stories as the memories come to you without the pressure of having to remember a particular time in your life before you can move on to the next section.

Thoughtful Prompts

There are 52 subjects in this journal to write about. Each subject is accompanied by a short prompt and a quote to go with it. This gives the writer the chance to think about a story, memory, or an idea and record some thoughts about that subject.

This will help you as a grandparent to leave your beliefs and values for your family. They will get to know who you truly are and thus you will leave a legacy of who you are and how you came to be the person you have become today.

Bonus Material & Helpful Tips

We have created a few helpful tips on how to write your life's story. You don't have to be a fancy writer or have a particularly outstanding life for your family to want your stories and memories. And it shouldn't be difficult to write it down. We have some ideas to help you get your stories and memories down on paper.

We have also included some ideas on how to bind the soft cover book so that it is easy to write in and add additional pages to expand the journal. Or if you would like, additional pages can be typed and recorded digitally on your computer.