Pen Pal Packet

Connect with your grandkids through fun snail mail ideas!

Connect With Your Grandkids Through Snail Mail

I started something last year that has turned out to be so much fun! I became a pen pal to my granddaughter. 

She was just learning to write and could address a letter by herself. So, I bought her some pretty stationery, envelopes, a fun pen, and some stamps. 

And. . .voila! I had a new pen pal!

What's in This Fun Packet??

The GrandPals™ Pen Pal Packet includes:

  • 16 Fun, Colorful Letter Templates
  • 36 Conversation Starters for Letters
  • 6+ Fun Box Ideas to Send in the Mail
  • Easy templates are great for grandkids to be able to write or draw pictures to send back to you
  • Packet is completely digital - no need to wait for shipping!

Completely Ready to Use

The letter templates are ready to print from your home printer. If you want to send them to your grandchildren as an email for them to print on their end OR if you want to send them to your grandchildren already printed, it's easy and quick to do.

The conversation starters will help you get started when you can't think of what to write.

And, the box ideas are full of things that are inexpensive and easy to find for fun surprises to send to your grandchildren for special occasions or. . .just for FUN!

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