What Should Grandma Have at Her House?

Ever wonder what supplies it would be best to have at Grandma's House? Click on any image to see details of the item.

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Just a Note: The items below are just suggestions about things that I keep around my house for basic crafts and activities. The items that I listed here are all actual things that I use. 

Some of these items can be found at places like Walmart or your local dollar store. However, when you can't find them or you just don't want to leave the house to grab stuff, consider ordering them from the Amazon links below. Even if you just want to know more about the items below, click on them to see some details. Keep in mind that some of these items may not always be the lowest priced item. However, they are the brands that I use. You can certainly browse around for less expensive options.

Plain Copy Paper

Colored Cardstock

Colored Paper

Asst. Craft Supplies w/Storage Box

Craft Sticks - Different Sizes

Craft Glitter

Washable Stick Glue

Glue Dots

Plain Glue

Dot Paint Markers

Washable Paint

Sidewalk Chalk

Asst. Pom Poms

Asst. Washi Tape

Colored Pipe Cleaners

Comfort Scissors

Colored Duct Tape

Double-sided Tape

STORAGE SOLUTIONS - These are all storage solutions that I personally use.
Small Toy Storage Fabric Buckets: There are many types of these buckets. These are great for allowing the kids to play on a mat when you don't have a specific room for them to play in. You can simply grab the drawstring and quickly dump all the toys into the bucket.
Lego Storage: There are many, many types of Lego storage solutions. I just like this one because you can separate the pieces by type or function. It holds a TON of Lego pieces!
Stuffed Animal Storage: These clever bean bags can sit in any room. Just load them up with stuffed animals and use them for the kids to sit on. I like this particular one because it is good quality at a good price for 2.
Play/Store Mat:  This is a great storage solution for small and large toy cars. The kids can play on it and then fold it all in on itself and close up.
Under-the-bed Storage: I love these storage boxes because the inside dividers move to create customized space inside each box. They fit conveniently under the bed. This is great if you don't have a lot of space for toys you want to keep around for the grandkids.

Small Toy Storage

Lego Storage

Stuffed Animal Storage

Play/Storage Mat

Under-the-bed Storage

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