Outdoor Activities for Grandma Camp

All the resources you need for fun outdoor activities for your Grandma Camp!


Large Parachute

Parachute size: 12-feet diameter, 12 separate handles spaced evenly around for group play


A fun twist on dodgeball where everyone stays active in the game

Sidewalk Chalk

4" jumbo chalk in 7 colors -  red, orange, yellow,green, blue, purple, and white. Washable.

Capture the Flag

This classic game has had an upgrade - Glow in the dark! This game comes with 12 variations.


Tower Blocks

This giant Jenga-like game is perfect for outdoor yard fun. The lightweight wood with smooth edges makes removing the wooden block at the bottom easy.  It's also safer when the tower falls over. Comes with carry case.


 Easy to set up and use: Assembles in about a minute. Columns and rows with open slots on top allow for taking turns dropping in rings; handy lever empties the pieces, restarting the game in seconds

Twister Splash

It's the classic Twister game with a splashtastic twist! Give the spinner a whirl and make your move. Each spot on the Splash Mat sprays water! Minutes to set up. . .hours of fun!

Yard-Zee or Roll-Zee

 Play the popular Yahtzee-type game or Farckle. Includes 6 red foam dice that are safer for kids and indoor play, plus carrying case for storage. Double-sided  dry-erase scoreboard (one game on each side) with pen for endless fun.



Lightweight and very portable. Includes 2 sturdy plastic ladders and 6 bola ball sets, each made with two weighted spongy golf balls connected with a string, plus a handy carrying case; Built in scoring system


Like volleyball, teams alternate possessions and try to spike the ball away from each other! Rule book included! The Standard Kit comes with the Spikeball set, three balls (you only need one but extras won't hurt), netting, and a carrying bag for easy transport!


Cornhole has really grown in popularity over the years. It's great as a single game or to play as a tournament with the family. Comes with Two Recreational Cornhole Boards (35" L X 24" W X 1.5" H), 8 bean bags - 4 red, 4 blue. Scratch-resistant surface makes for durable boards.


This product offers Fast Setup Net Height of 5 ft, PVC Pole System,  Official Size Badminton Rackets with Tempered Steel Shafts, Grommets to Prolong String Life and cushion grips, 2-white shuttlecocks, and game rules.

Minute-to-Win-it Challenge Kit

Minute-to-Win-It Challenge Kit

237  quick challenges in 9 different catefories. Complete a series of hilarious physical challenges that test your aim, luck, dexterity, concentration, and ability to function under the pressure of a 60 second time limit. It is outrageously silly fun for kids and adults.