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What we do

Connecting Generations

Here at Grandma Camps we know how important it is to connect with your grandchildren. We provide done-for-you activities to save you time and energy so you can spend quality time with your family. 

Done-For-You Ideas

There's no need to spin your wheels coming up with new ideas. We've added in some creativity and have done the thinking for you.

Fun & Innovative

Grandchild-tested and Grandparent approved! There are activities for all ages giving you opportunities to interact with your grandchildren at any age.

Builds Relationships

Connecting generations is our primary goal. The resources here will help you spend quality time together with your grandchildren

why we do it

We Know What's Important to You

We understand what's most important to you. Being with family. . .and most importantly grandchildren. But as busy seniors with full lives, jobs, and other commitments, spending quality time with each other is precious.

We know you're busy

Because many of today's grandparents are still working at jobs or involved with other responsibilities, we help make spending quality time with your grandchildren easier than ever with ready-to-use activities and games.


What other grandparents are saying. . .

Elaine A. 

My grandchildren love the activities! It allows us to spend quality time together - playing, laughing and learning.

Brenda s

I just want you to know that I have used several of your ideas and printables with my grandchildren, and they have loved them! Thanks for taking the time to develop these wonderful resources.